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lines aWaitEd

lines awaited... bear hug needed...

thou clasp like no other
stroke of thy skin feels like feather
coiffure through your silky hairs; softer than lather

a sense of contentment instills; sigh, a breather
emotions elevate at the vary of weather
this unconditional love shall keep us tethered

lines awaited... bear hug needed...

Beer, Bread & Birthday

yo.. its my birthday today and am older than yesterday.
Few freinds were here to sing, dance n play!
Candle lighting followed by cake cut marked begining of day;
Texts, calls n FB wishes made my day.
Beer, bread and beer - food for today!
yo.. its my birthday today and am younger than following day.

Aiyyoo KARMA

Would you know what is triggering the death of BLOGS!?! 100 words or less(essay stress)!? marital status!? or the second life that we lead on FACEBOOK!?
well, its just another random question to my 2 n half readers.
If any of you are still sticking around, you will have noticed that updates on this blog have become a trickle and so have the updates on the blogs I used to follow, which now lie abandoned in the vast wasteland of (W)orld-(W)ide-(W)eb. However, I have just come back to dust the cob-webb off my little space. Aiyyoo, yes, it is KARMA... n I call it 'FB Karma'.
I will not be surprised if FACEBOOK would be the one stop shop for all our virtual needs (at one point I thought GOOGLE's bunch of apps were). But, couple of hundred billion under its belt and roping in thousands every single day is BIG! and who knows?, FACEBOOK might kill this blogging star too.!

PS: I welcome you back, my 2 n half readers...